So, the sun has finally started to make a somewhat reliable appearance most afternoons lately. And the fashion is blooming in this warm weather. We can shed our coats (well, in the middle of the day), and wear all these lovely things that spring/summer 2013 has to offer.

According to the met office, it was 11-21℃ today, cloudy with a period of sunshine.

I spotted these gorgeous ladies wearing their little colourful summer dresses today.

I love this colour so much! Sea green? Emerald? I’m not sure how to describe it, but so pretty! Harrods shopping envy as well!

And this girl! She knows how to style for sure. Drooling over that printed dress and handbag! Everything just goes together so beautifully. I wish I could pull off studded flats as fantastically as this girl.

7/15/2013 10:38:26 pm

These are very nice short dresses for summer.

9/22/2019 11:56:11 pm

London is a home for fashionista people. That's why if ever there is a chance that you will go there, you should know how to dress up properly. It is very important that you know how to carry yourself. First, you have to know your style; you have to know what fits you. You should never wear something that doesn't represent your personality because that is a perfect recipe to become a fashion disaster. Most importantly, be confident! That is the most important thing to possess!


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