There’s nothing better than a pop of bright colour on a cloudy day! Bright shades of blue, seemed to be the colour of choice today, with these ladies rocking their electric blues.

According to the met office, it was 11-21℃ today, cloudy with a period of sunshine.

Looking at her makes me want to dye my hair blonde! It goes so well with this blue. Cropped jeans and light blue ballet pumps, looking cool too.

All you need is a pair of bright coloured jeans in an all-black-outfit. This is such a lovely colour! And loving those slippers too!
7/20/2019 10:07:05 pm

Fashion in London depends on what the season is in the said city. If it's winter season, then people would wear bulky coats and sweatshirts b because that is what the season requires them to wear. But if it's hot, then wearing a casual shirt together with a good jeans would be enough. I am not a fashionista, but I also have may own trademark which I plan to have until I get old. I ma pretty sure that other people have their own styles too!


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