By Kumi Takami
We call them "gum boots" in Australia. Which is probably why I tend to associate rain boots with getting deep in the mud in mangroves looking for mud crabs, or puddling through flood water. Hey, don't laugh, I'm sure a lot of fellow north Queenslanders will agree with me.

But, meanwhile back in London, it's a major fashion statement. And thanks to these well dressed ladies below, I know why.
9/26/2018 02:38:45 am

Australians have their own fashion statement, so let us just leave their preferences to them. personally, I get all the hype and where it is coming from, it's a good thing that it is currently a huge trend in London. I am actually expecting that some people might raise their eyebrows towards this fashion statement because we cannot deny the fact that it looks like a rain boots. It all depends on who are going to wear it; if they can carry it or not!


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