By Kumi Takami
Denim can do no wrong. Being a nineties child, I don't think I will ever shake off the love of all things denim. Remember Britney in her full length denim dress?

I also have a certain weakness for men in a great pair of jeans. So why not double the awesomeness, and wear it head to toe, like these young men.
11/22/2018 09:16:47 pm

There are fashion icons who were telling through their reviews that a "denim on denim" get up is totally a disaster. I bet to disagree! By just looking at these boys in double denim makes me fall in love with them. As long as you know how to carry yourself and the denim on denim get up would let you go places, then what could be the reason why you should restrict yourself. These guys were able to show to the rest of the world that having a denim on denim getup is great.


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