By Kumi Takami
I think bags are the ultimate accessories that can make our break an outfit. In the same way a  gorgeous Chanel 2.55 can glam up any outfit in an instant, a great back pack can add a little casual vibe. And you even have both hands free for your shopping bags! 

I love the back packs that these two girls are sporting.
3/18/2018 07:35:31 pm

It's true that our backpacks has been part of the fashion and style we try to channel on an everyday basis. At the same time, it has become an extension of our personality we want to portray. Some would want to settle for simple designs, some would go to classy and high end backpacks, but there are also people who are after colorful and lively designs. Whatever your style may be, what's important is the backpack should represent you. That is what matters the most!


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