By Kumi Takami
Just take 2 pairs of jeans, some nice pants, socks, walking shoes, and some tops. 

Apparently, according to the average reply of travel websites

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But that doesn’t tell me anything, skinny jeans or boyfriends? Are Londoners wearing damaged jeans this season, or is that completely out? Do my espadrille wedges count as walking shoes? Why no skirts? Singlets or thermals? How about my heels?

If your reaction is similar to my panicked response above, you have come to the right place.

I was planning my trip to London, and typed exactly that, “what to wear in London” into my search engine.  Only to find that the Mr. Google’s tetrabites of knowledge, could not provide me the answer this time.

Well, first of all, I arrived into the country this year, to one of the coldest spring months ever recorded. Just my luck, really. So half my suitcase options (gorgeous, floaty summer dresses) were immediately out of the question. (Just a hint for those coming here from Australia, London 15℃ feels more like 10. It’s freezing! Don’t trust the numbers.) I wrapped myself in my woolly sweater and coat most days, and was definitely not feeling too great about my level of presentation.

I unfortunately lack the funds to go shop for an entirely new wardrobe. Image from
While admiring the gorgeous Londoners wrapped in their pretty coats and blazers, looking effortlessly stylish, I had to rotate between my 2 pairs of jeans until I could get to a washing machine. Technically, I was wearing similar clothes to the locals, but I definitely felt like something was different.

The stylish locals about town, dress nothing like the girls on fashion blogs, or the guests at London fashion week (also googled), but definitely have a special way of putting an outfit together. Just enough to be effortlessly chic, wrapped up in their fantastic jackets. It’s the little bit of extra detailing that makes them look so special.

I have set up this website to showcase the great outfits of Londoners up and about, in hope that it may help other people wandering what to wear/pack. Because no one wants to look like one of those typical tourists, and, come on. It’s LONDON. One of the most fashionable places on Earth. You want to look and feel great!

Oh, by the way, the typical Londoner was wearing straight-legged slightly damaged jeans, Chelsea boots, light scarf, neutral top, and leather jacket (for today’s light rainy weather, anyway).

You are always free to wear anything that you want if ever you will be in London. There is no rule existing in regards with what you should wear, that's why you are free to express yourself through your clothing style! By the way, I am hoping that there are still fashion statement that will be launched this year that can be worn by a lot of people. I noticed that fashion has becoming more drastic and I am not liking it. It's about time that we go back with the basic!


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