By Kumi Takami
I adore all white outfits. It has that pristine, clean feel to it.  When worn right, it makes the wearer appear so fresh and elegant at the same time. But unfortunately wearing white (especially bottoms) is unforgivingly high maintenance. You have to watch where you sit, avoid pasta or curry, and run away from small children! Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the way it magically adds pounds in all the wrong places too.

But despite all negatives, all you have to do, is look at this picture. And you will be digging out your whites too!

See, this lady looks perfect. So simple, yet so striking.

Shows the power of the simple LWD (little white dress). Accessorised with a Louis Vuitton verni for some extra glam.

4/17/2019 12:18:26 pm

I have to agree with you; wearing white bottoms is definitely a high-maintainance thing, especially for girls! They should always be mindful of what they wear and what could potentially stain what they are wearing so that their day wouldn't be ruined. I know that it's a huge hassle for some, but that is just one of the consequences you need to deal with because you chose to wear a white outfit, isn't it? On the other hand, I just want to mention that the white bag was really beautiful!


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