I have days, where I decide to take risks in what I wear that day, and experiment with the “should never be paired together” type of clothes. Ok, so I decided to clash prints. I pulled on my zebra printed skirt, donned my leopard t-shirt, and slipped on my snake skin heel. I took one look in the mirror and changed quickly into my more reasonable, plain clothes. I concluded that being fashion forward wasn’t for me.

But take a look at this girl’s outfit.

It’s not supposed to work, but it magically does.

The teal dress is an absolute fashion statement on it’s own, but this lady decides (geniously) to add black floral patterned tights, with similar lace patterned boots, and tops it off with a red handbag. With all of this going on, she still manages to look so effortless, like she just threw those clashing items of clothing together, and just happens to look so beautiful. I wish I had her eye for styling.

She makes me want to dig out my old patterned ensemble and give it another go. A prime example to clashing done right.

Gosh, I really want to know where to get those boots and stockings from. Anyone know?

There’s nothing better than a pop of bright colour on a cloudy day! Bright shades of blue, seemed to be the colour of choice today, with these ladies rocking their electric blues.

According to the met office, it was 11-21℃ today, cloudy with a period of sunshine.

So, the sun has finally started to make a somewhat reliable appearance most afternoons lately. And the fashion is blooming in this warm weather. We can shed our coats (well, in the middle of the day), and wear all these lovely things that spring/summer 2013 has to offer.

According to the met office, it was 11-21℃ today, cloudy with a period of sunshine.

I spotted these gorgeous ladies wearing their little colourful summer dresses today.

Sometimes, less is more, a la chanel.

In modern times, there is no better way to showcase minimalist chic than the humble denim jeans, with a simple top. These girls are looking smoking hot in their skinny jeans and monochrome accessories.