By Kumi Takami

By Kumi Takami
I think bags are the ultimate accessories that can make our break an outfit. In the same way a  gorgeous Chanel 2.55 can glam up any outfit in an instant, a great back pack can add a little casual vibe. And you even have both hands free for your shopping bags! 

I love the back packs that these two girls are sporting.

By Kumi Takami
Just as I though summer was here, another drizzly day. Which means, another great rainy-day outfit! I'm starting to think that the rain and cold brings out the best in London street fashion.
I mean look at this cute girl! I love her waterproof jacket, and boots. Totally practical for a day like today, and she looks fantastic! Which is a difficult thing to do in a puffer jacket. Also like her glasses and messy bun, and Micheal Kors arm candy certainly adds a bit of glam!
By Kumi Takami
Wow Paris Fashion week. I was flicking through photos of the front-rowers and saw Olivia Palermo looking absolutely stunning (as usual) in this gorgeous double breasted blazer over a cute metallic opaque skirt. So wonderfully chic, with the matching sparkly belt. I would seriously consider killing to raid her wardrobe!!

Then Kristen Stewart turned up all rock and roll, at Chanel, with a tweed looking jacket. She completely owns this high fashion grunge look. Even if no one else could pull this off, we can trust our Kristen to make it look completely cool and edgy.

Surfing online right now to find myself a perfect, fitted, white, double breasted blazer. I might need to shop for some cool b
By Kumi Takami
For me, it starts to feel like summer when it' warm enough to wear my T-shirt and shorts combo. So, finally on the last day of June, the sun started ti shine, and I rocked my denim cut offs and my white tee all the way to my local Sainsbury's and back. yeah! The sun shining on my bare legs felt so good. 

A printed white tee is so simple, yet adds the cool factor to any jeans, trousers or skirts. The Celine T-shirt (pictured below) has been on my wish list for quite some time. It just looks so chic, and would be so versatile. But for the mean time, Here's my pick of the best white printed T-shirts.

By Kumi Takami
Denim can do no wrong. Being a nineties child, I don't think I will ever shake off the love of all things denim. Remember Britney in her full length denim dress?

I also have a certain weakness for men in a great pair of jeans. So why not double the awesomeness, and wear it head to toe, like these young men.

By Kumi Takami

Loving the neutrals that the girls are rocking (street style post here). I want to wear neutrals too!
I would team this little bright yellow dress by Tibi, with a metallic silver jacket, and add lots of colourful accessories.
I feel like wearing neon today

Isabel Marant / TIBI , £91 / Kat Maconie yellow peep toe pumps / Juicy Couture cheetah handbag, £105 / BaubleBar spiked chain necklace, £24
By Kumi Takami
We call them "gum boots" in Australia. Which is probably why I tend to associate rain boots with getting deep in the mud in mangroves looking for mud crabs, or puddling through flood water. Hey, don't laugh, I'm sure a lot of fellow north Queenslanders will agree with me.

But, meanwhile back in London, it's a major fashion statement. And thanks to these well dressed ladies below, I know why.

What is your favorite rainy day cover up? 
There were all sorts of  jackets, coats, parkas and blazers out on display on this cold summer day, but the most popular seemed to be the British mac, or the leather jacket.

The girls below looked so good in each, that I really can't decide.

By Kumi Takami
It was one of those wet, chilly, cloudy days today in London. But do not fret, Londoners now exactly how to deal with this rather depressing weather. Wear NEON!

Really, what better way to brighten up your spirits, and everyone else that sees your clothes? These Ladies were rocking the neon trend on Oxford street this afternoon.