By Kumi Takami
For me, it starts to feel like summer when it' warm enough to wear my T-shirt and shorts combo. So, finally on the last day of June, the sun started ti shine, and I rocked my denim cut offs and my white tee all the way to my local Sainsbury's and back. yeah! The sun shining on my bare legs felt so good. 

A printed white tee is so simple, yet adds the cool factor to any jeans, trousers or skirts. The Celine T-shirt (pictured below) has been on my wish list for quite some time. It just looks so chic, and would be so versatile. But for the mean time, Here's my pick of the best white printed T-shirts.

7/30/2018 01:24:22 am

They say that nothing goes wrong in wearing a simple white shirt. May it be printed or not, it bring nothing but comfort and confidence especially if you want to remain lowkey. Whenever I am not sure of what is I am going to wear; I always choose the safest; white shirt paired with a jeans. It's okay to look simple especially if there's no need to look extra. At the same time, choose what makes you confident.

1/1/2021 01:07:39 am

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